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Patient Evaluation & Treatment

How do we evaluate our patients?

We first clearly define the diagnosis or source of your pain and/or disability. This means obtaining a complete history and physical examination. As part of your evaluation, an imaging test may be ordered such as x-rays, CT scan or MRI. In addition, we also utilize sophisticated and very sensitive testing equipment (electromyogram – EMG), that detects electrical abnormalities in muscles and nerves and identifying the underlying source of numbness, pain or weakness that a patient may be experiencing.

For some conditions, a noninvasive musculoskeletal ultrasound may be performed in identifying ligamentous and muscular injuries and joint abnormalities in real time. In some cases, depending on the patient’s presenting symptoms, lab tests may also be ordered. Neuromuscular performance can also be evaluated by our state of the art Biodex performance testing equipment. This valuable information derived during the assessment phase will ultimately make the next phase of care that more effective.

Patients already diagnosed with a particular condition and have a referral from a primary care physician or specialist are directly evaluated and treated and bypass the testing phase of our program.

How do we treat our patients?

At Wayne Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Associates we offer a comprehensive nonsurgical team treatment approach to your condition. Depending on your diagnosis, our treatment strategy may include medications, injection therapy to ligaments, muscles, trigger points or joints combined with a rehabilitation program. In addition to medications, depending on the condition, we offer various injection therapies, which may be guided by noninvasive musculoskeletal ultrasound for accuracy, trigger point injections and nerve blocks to relieve pain, as well as BOTOX® injections to help address spasticity and prevent contractures in neurologically compromised patients suffering from a debilitating stroke, brain injury and spinal cord injury or as part of a comprehensive program for patients suffering from debilitating headaches.

Our team is trained and certified in the latest manual and therapeutic techniques to ensure optimum results. At Wayne PM&R Associates, patients are treated by the same individual therapist throughout their treatment program unlike many other centers. Our unique and highly successful program utilizes a blend of hands on techniques applying several theories including McKenzie, Maitland, Butler, among others, to approach complex problems in order to reduce pain and swelling and to restore normal joint mechanics with emphasis on returning patients to their highest functional capacity. In combination with our hands on techniques, we also provide specific physiotherapy (modalities) such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, diathermy and cold laser. We customized our treatment program according to our patient’s needs and treat a variety of conditions ranging from neuromuscular conditions, stroke and balance disorders to nerve injuries and orthopedic rehabilitation for the pre and post operative patient. We endorse and utilize evidence-based, problem solving approaches to all our patients in order to uphold the highest level of care. Special attention is paid to educating patients in order to promote independence from the clinician and maintain the patient’s neuromusculoskeletal health.

Depending on a patient’s particular condition, we offer state of the art equipment to be applied with therapy for our back patients diagnosed with a cervical/lumbar herniated disc, degenerative arthritis, spinal stenosis or facet syndrome we offer Spinal Decompression Therapy. Combined with physical therapy, we customize a program of McKenzie techniques, strengthening and flexibility exercises individually tailored for you. Our Biodex strengthening equipment insures cutting edge computerized strengthening along with protocols that are individually tailored for you. We have achieved excellent results with our program. Our tailored program including computerized home exercise program helps to maximum results and minimize recurrence.

For our carpal tunnel syndrome patients, we offer in combination with physical therapy and/or injection therapy, a patented FDA – approved ML 830 micro-laser as an additional treatment intervention. Our program has achieved excellent results.

For our elderly and neurologically impaired patients that present with balance disorders and risk for falls, we provide the Biodex Balance System combined with physical therapy for neuromuscular and vestibular retraining. In addition, we are one of the few centers in New Jersey that provides the IREX™ interactive rehabilitation system that utilizes patented immersive video technology to submerge patients into a virtual sport or game environment where they are guided though clinician prescribed therapeutic exercise programs. The patient performance and compliance is measured and recorded on a real time basis by the system’s sophisticated camera technology and can be tailored to the specific clinical needs of the patient by isolating certain body parts and/or movements. This virtual reality computer generated program allows for isolated joint movement, combined joint movements and full body functional movement of both the upper and lower body and then measures, records and reports the information. The program incorporates many facets of human movement that includes balance, hand-eye coordination, range of motion and other functional movements.

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