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Chronic Pain Patients

Chronic Pain Patients referred to our clinic need to bring with them on the day of evaluation all medical records including previous diagnostic testing results and treatment notes from previous treating providers. These documents are essential in evaluating a new chronic pain patient to our facility to determine treatment history, diagnoses based on previous testing already performed, and medical necessity for continued treatment.


In addition, as part of our evaluation and treatment protocol, all new chronic pain patients will be evaluated with a risk assessment questionnaire and review of patient provider agreement form with consent to treatment after risk and benefits have been described and reviewed, and confirmation with previous dispensing pharmacy on record as part of our protocol to ensure proper patient evaluation and treatment and prevent “doctor shopping”.

In addition, patients will be randomly screened by urine analysis for compliance and diversionary behavior.  At our clinic we utilized Ameritox as our designated urine analysis laboratory for random drug screening and testing.  At times there are patients that through our protocol are determined at risk either for substance abuse or diversionary behavior and based upon determination we will refer to collaborating psychiatrists, psychologists and substance abuse counselors to ensure proper evaluation, referral and continuation of care and to ensure patient safety and compliance. We also highly recommend all our chronic pain patients review the web site www.painaction.com and register as this is a very helpful web site and program to help patients manage their chronic pain condition.

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