Physical Therapy

Our team is trained and certified in the latest manual and therapeutic techniques to ensure optimum results. At Wayne PM&R Associates, patients are treated by the same individual therapist throughout their treatment program unlike many other centers. Our unique and highly successful program utilizes a blend of hands on techniques applying several theories including McKenzie, Maitland, Butler, among others, to approach complex problems in order to reduce pain and swelling and to restore normal joint mechanics with emphasis on returning patients to their highest functional capacity.


In combination with our hands on techniques, we also provide specific physiotherapy (modalities) such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, diathermy and cold laser. We customized our treatment program according to our patient's needs and treat a variety of conditions ranging from neuromuscular conditions, stroke and balance disorders to nerve injuries and orthopedic rehabilitation for the pre and post operative patient. We endorse and utilize evidence-based, problem solving approaches to all our patients in order to uphold the highest level of care. Special attention is paid to educating patients in order to promote independence from the clinician and maintain the patient's neuromusculoskeletal health.

Contact one of our offices to learn more about Physical Therapy or to make an appointment. Wayne: (973) 595-6066

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